Arty Posters

Any questions?

This is a comprehensive list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, please send us an e-mail and we will gladly answer it.

We have 3 media types available for all our images.

Poster: We use premium quality satin inkjet paper which delivers brilliant color, fade resistance and produces richly detailed images.

Canvas: Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. The canvas print material is generally cotton based poly canvas. This is an often desired option if you are looking for a certain “volume” to your print.

Adhesive Poster (Stickers): Stickers are adhesive premium vinyl material. They look like regular posters but you can peel the back paper and laminate the image on any smooth surface.

Got a specific image on mind? If you have it, we can print it!

If you have any high resolution image you want printed, you can always contact and send it to us. We can print custom orders. The pricing is same with the standard sizes & media types mentioned in all of our other available products. Our contact information is available at the “Contact Us” page.

We customise the size and media types when asked for it.

Also, feel free to ask a specific image you had in mind, and we will check our database and try to find it for you.

All of our prints are delicately rolled into 6mm sturdy cardboard tubes which prevent damage during the expedition.

We only use first class Express Delivery services from UPS, TNT, DHL, FedEx etc. We prepare all orders in 1-3 business days and ship via Express Delivery. You will receive a tracking number immediately. You can track your package using the number.

Estimated delivery times:
Europe -> 1-2 days
US, Canada, Australia and rest of the world -> 2-3 days

For extreme cases we offer also a “next day delivery” option. We prepare the order in 1 day and you will receive the item the day after.

If your item arrives damaged in any way during shipping process, please send us a photo of the damaged item and we will happily print and send you a new one, free of charge. This inconvenience happens rarely when something extremely heavy is placed on the tube during shipping.

For things to go safe and smooth, please double check your delivery address before ordering. If the given address when ordering is incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible to correct it. As we give our items to post in 1-3 business days we recommend contacting us in this timeframe.

As all the products are printed on demand we need to have an explanation for the refund or replacement demands.

We use the highest resolution images available for our prints.  As all of our products are double checked before shipping, quality issues happen very rarely. But if you don’t like the product for any reason please contact us with an explanation and we will provide a replacement or refund.

We offer special discounts for quantities higher than 25 items. Please contact us for further details.

You can always provide us the dimensions of your frame in the order note, and order the closest size available, we can do little adjustments to the image to make sure it fits your frame without any problems. Note that these adjustments goes unnoticable for ± 1 to 2 inches depending on the size of the final product.

For sturdiness’ sake during travel, we are don’t stretch the canvas and send it to you. We roll the canvas into a sturdy cardboard tube and send it. You can easily have it stretched at your local frame shop for it to be ready for hanging.

Indeed, our posters have a standard white border for fitting purposes. This can be removed if you like. Please mention it in the order note when purchasing and we will remove the border.

Currently, we are accepting PayPal for transactions. You can also pay with credit card using PayPal services without a PayPal account.

Certainly, we can include a greeting card with your personal note in it along with the print. Please specify that it is a gift and type your greeting note in the order form.