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Movie Posters – Decorate Your Walls With Your Favourite Cinema Classics

Before the digital age, movie posters were handmade, thus they tended to have a tempting “warmth” in their color palette which reflects the unique and simplistic spirit of cinema in its maturing years. These classic pieces never get old and they now get frequently combined with contemporary design elements. With this ever increasing trend, vintage movie posters can be the great solution for your living rooms, youngsters’ rooms, offices and lounge decorations. They can bring in the feeling of nostalgia and liveliness to your living space.

Selecting a proper movie poster is the most crucial part of this decoration project. It should express the intended personality and design purpose, and should be in accordance with the other themes in the room or area. For example, for people who love the classical style in home decor, a “Transformers” poster may be inappropriate for the plan. However inversely, there’s always the option to go brave and combine different styles and expressions in your design themes for a more daring and eclectic approach – just go for a “007 James Bond” movie poster

As with all of our images available, we have three media options in which you can decorate your room with these vintage movie posters; Poster, Canvas and Adhesive Poster (Sticker). For vintage movie posters, all three media choices are recommended; it’s totally up to user preference and design intent. Canvas for volume and texture, poster for elegance and simplicity, adhesive for versatility. When it comes to framing, we recommend a thin and elegant frame for both canvas and poster prints. This way, you can preserve the modern feeling of the vintage posters. Also, you can apply the adhesive prints to any clean and smooth surface, even on curvatures and furniture; so get creative!

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